Gain More Market Share

This is the time to make your personal economy a good one.

This is the time for businesses to thrive and make more money than they ever had.

Why is it?

As competition lessens there is more room to maneuver and grow despite external conditions. Yes, there is less money circulating but the key is to have a larger slice of that pie.

For example, if your business was owning 10% of the market share of a million dollars (equivalent to 100k), and now the market share shrunk to 500k, yet you own 30% of the market share, that is equivalent to 150k. Does that make sense?

Let's try a more simplistic example:

There used to be 10 apples available every day. You used to get 2 apples daily of those 10 apples available.

Now, there only 7 apples available daily. If you're smart, you can obtain more than 2, you can work hard and obtain 4 apples every day because now the competition is eliminated.

You in fact end up having more apples at the end of the day when times are "bad."