Will a Hybrid Car Save Money on Gas?

We are each seeking more ways to save on fuel these days as oil supplies diminish and gas costs continue to surge. The cost seem to remain at current levels and if the trends continue to rise even more we must seek ways to save money on gas costs.

Maybe the best way to save gas is to get rid of your old vehicle that guzzles gas and the money right out of your pocket. Then in doing so get a hybrid vehicle.

A hybrid vehicle combines the benefits of both gas and electric. With these combined sources of power they are designed to get better fuel economy.

Hybrids are becoming very popular and are now available from GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Ford and Mercury.

Hybrids are an upgrade to the old vehicles. The hybrid recaptures energy normally wasted during braking also known as regenerative braking. Also, it shuts down the gas or diesel engine while stopped or when coasting.

A sleek automobile is not only pleasing to the eyes, but with aerodynamic styling, it creates less drag, saving gas and of course money spent. Hybrids also use an improved design of tires, which makes less drag as well.

Exactly how much gas can be saved by driving a hybrid? It depends on the one you choose. Fuel consumption rate varies just like a pure gasoline model. It can range from 28 to 45 miles per gallon which is a higher average than vehicles that are not hybrids.

For instance, assuming you drive 10000 miles a year and gas is a little over $4 a gallon, only 10 extra miles per gallon can save you close to thousand dollars a year. Talk about saving money. With most hybrids you can anticipate to do better. Plus, you may also qualify for a tax write off.

If you have postponed switching to a hybrid because of size, bigger models are now being offered.

To answer the question, will a hybrid car save money on gas, yes it will!