Why You Can Have Good Products But They Still Won't Sell

There are millions of great products out there but you know what... it doesn't sell. There was a social online networking website way before facebook and myspace, it was called friendster. Actually they are still around but why was it that facebook and myspace became more popular?

Was it because they are a more superior service? A little.

The real reason was they had a better way of marketing their service. Look at them, they are on T.V. and big companies are using it and promoting it. They have big celebrities with their profiles and so forth. That is just one example but of course that is not the case because there are products that sell because it is the best however it is usually its great marketing behind it that made it sell better than the rest.

So, how do you market better?

Well a person asked once, "how do I get 100 more customers?"

The answer: "well, I don't know how to get 100 customers but I know 100 ways to get one." See the difference?

You want to increase your sales, right ?

Listen up then.

Okay products with awesome marketing will always make more money than good products with crappy marketing.

Now, if you have an awesome product with an awesome marketing, congratulations, keep it up.

Am I suggesting you sell low quality products? No.

Still invest in quality of your products and services BUT let it not be your only focus.

Get the word out as much as you can.