Why Rewarding Yourself After a Job Well Done Is Needed

Pushes button...

"That was easy"

You know what I'm talking about, right? No?

You never seen this wildly popular and viral commercial of the company Staples?

Encouraging yourself by rewarding yourself along the line is a good thing. Unfortunately, we don't do it enough. Does that mean you should go out and buy a bunch of toys when you accomplish something? No, not even. What you should do is acknowledge your hard work and let yourself know that you're making a difference.

What are you doing in your work that is making a difference? And isn't that a reward in itself? It's more than just "money" and "shiny new toys." It's about doing good job. So why not reward yourself by giving yourself a pat on the back or, even better, get one of these Staples button and push it every time you accomplish a task that seemed hard and frustrating at first but after finishing it, you realized it "was easy."

You may already know this but when you don't reward yourself, what happens? You lose motivation. You lose that drive. You lose your enthusiasm. You start to think "what am I doing this for?" All that hard work for what?

Experts have agreed and real life experience shows that encouraging yourself along the way will serve to keep your spirits up and your sense of motivation at its peak.

So how can you apply this?

This works well whether you work at your job on your own or in a group setting.

Why does it work so well?

Because you want to feel important.

You want to feel loved.

You want to feel like you contributed to something bigger than yourself.

You want to feel like you're growing and learning.

Pushes button...

"That was easy"