Why Real Estate Investors Need to Treat Their Bankers Better Than Their Spouses

"Really?... I think my spouse would get jealous"

No...your spouse wouldn't mind because being friends with your banker has its benefit$, lot$ of benefit$. Imagine being able to connect with a very influential person in real estate that can literally hand you money for your deals. That is exactly what the banker does.

Now, on treating your banker better than your spouse might be a little too much but lets put your banker up there... on that list.

Exactly how can your bankers make your real estate investing really take off?

* They give you money

Yes, they give you money for your deals when you got a hot, profitable on your hands. Just make sure you got your logistics, paperwork, and plan ready before approaching your banker for a loan.

* They connect you with important people

Bankers know other real estate investors too! They know who's successful and who's getting things done. How much would your real estate investing income grow when you got big shots on your rolodex? A lot more right? Bankers, when asked properly will gladly connect you to people he or she knows that can solve your problems. Talk about the ultimate network, bankers got a huge list.

* They hand you deals on a silver platter

Bankers also have a list of "inside" properties for sale. These are properties bank have foreclosed on, or will foreclose on. Do you smell the opportunity in this? And as real estate investors, we all know, the more deals that come our way, the more money we can make.

The next question to ask is, how do you treat your banker to actually like you and help you? Here are a few tips:

* Get to know them as a person

* Take them out to lunch

* Provide value to their professional life by solving a problem of theirs

* Thank them

* Give them gifts (incentives)- depending on what they like

* Talk to their boss and give them the ultimate praise

I guess that means you have to buy more flowers… I’ll end this with a quote:

“Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order”- John Gotti