Why Overworking Actually Leads to Less Productivity

You read that right.

Do you consider yourself a "workaholic?"

When you push yourself over the limit you'll end up with worse results than if you balanced yourself.

You can take on more work than you have the time for or worse, you can take on work which is beyond your capabilities. Both of these can overtax your energy, cause you to become frustrated, and result in your becoming very discouraged. And when you're discouraged it means being less productive.

Now, how do you know if you are working yourself too much?

Well your health is a usually a sign. Are you tired a lot? Growing more gray hair? Moody? Basically being a person with sapped energy. Allowing yourself to get into this condition will affect your ability to concentrate and focus properly and effectively. This mean making unnecessary errors, or becoming forgetful. What does this lead to? Less work done or worse you end up wasting time for fixing the mistakes you are making.

So what's the solution to your overworking habit?

Take some time off.

Yes, you read that right again.

You need to take a sensible amount of time for rest, eating and exercise, and even some recreation. Maybe play a round of golf or two. Why? So afterwards you'll feel refreshed and your mind is in a more positive state.

So take work seriously but have some relaxing time to balance it out.

You know what they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy--- and less productive one (I added that one)"