Why Being An Entrepreneur is A Lot Like Being Married

"No! Being married is harder!"

That's what my entrepreneur friend said. He's right in a way though... But they do have similarities, huge ones.

Why is marriage like being an entrepreneur?

"Cause both need money?"

Good answer but that's not where I was going...

An entrepreneur has to learn to be an entrepreneur. It takes a certain mindset and skill set to become a successful one. Just like marriage, it also takes a certain mindset and skill set to have a successful one.

Now, what is that mindset?

Determination- Like a marriage, business can be very daunting. The ups and downs will question how strong your motivation. It will test your determination. Is this what you want, and why? Once you know why you want out of the business (like a marriage), you'll see if you are determined enough to make it work. And, how do we make it work? That brings me to this...

Team Oriented- How would it be like if there are two of you? How would it be like if there is an army of you? That's how it should feel like when it comes to owning a business as an entrepreneur. Just like being married, it is a team effort. If truly does take two to tango. However in a business it usually takes more than two. I guess that's a plus side of marriage, you just gotta convince one other person. Easier said than done, right? Moving on, you'll understand that to get along and keep a business and personal relationship going, you'll need to be...

Open Minded- As an entrepreneur, things change. Marketing trends. Product trends. Etc. In married life, you got other things. Kids. Work. Living arrangements (sometimes in laws butt in...aaarrgghhh). By keeping an open mind, you'll be more receptive to changes. Saving both your business and marriage.

Always Willing to Learn & Grow- This is a big one. Once you stop growing, you're dying. Just like marriage, once a business stops improving, it will die. It might not be today. Or next year even. But soon enough. Imagine holding grudges with your spouse for a whole month. Would that solve anything? Will you learn anything? Nope. Learn. Learn. Grow.

Sacrifice- Yes, you do have to make a sacrifice. In business, it might be late night work hours. It might mean investing a lot of money into it before seeing results. In marriage, the sacrifice of seeing friends. The sacrifice of always getting what you want. That applies to having a business. As entrepreneurs, we all have to negotiate to get what we want BUT we have to realize it's better when everybody wins.

Commitment- This words sums it up all. Like in a poker game, you have to be "all in." As an entrepreneur you are committed to being an entrepreneur. When you're married, you're committed to being married. Are you "all in?"

These are just SOME of the things that make an entrepreneur a lot like a married person. It makes you think though. If an entrepreneur already has the mindset of a married person, does that mean entrepreneurs make good marriage material? Maybe, but that's a whole different direction. But good news for the ones already successfully married---you'll make great en