What’s the Point of Saving Money If I’m Gonna Die

I just wanted to get your attention.

Of course you don’t believe that, do you?

Money is important and saving money goes a long way.

It is no secret that saving money early in life will help you end up having more later in life.

In light of recent economic changes, people are realizing just how important personal savings is.

The younger generation only has short term goals such as purchasing a new pair of shoes, owning a new jet ski or a brand new car. However, long terms goals are more important and have the more desired effect most people want, which is a sense of security.

Will saving money make a difference? Absolutely, yes! It makes a difference in people's sense of security and if you read the following statement below, you will better your life.

Key Reasons for Saving Money:

- Saving for Future and Present Needs – Saving money today will allow for flexible financial resources in the future.

Stashing away at least 20% of your monthly income while using the other for fixed expenses (rent/mortgage, gas/utilities, food, etc)

- Saving for an Investment Need – Savings may also be a source of capital just in case you want to start a business and invest.

It will allow for more opportunities and possibly earn you a huge potential in increasing your net worth.

- Saving for your Retirement – More than 25% of todays seniors were shown to have failed to save money and preparing their way to retirement. Because of this, these people find themselves back in the working environment because they cannot cover their daily expenses let alone enough to save.

Keys to Fulfilling your Money Saving Goals:

Regardless how good our intents and objectives for saving are, we had better take note that to accomplish goals takes effort and these two things:

- Attainability – Goals ought to be something attainable and one which can be reached without being blessed with a miracle. Little bits of patience and hard work are needed.

- Consistency – Altering your goals from time to time due to unforeseen incidents may be needed. But don't let things dissuade your intention to save money.

Save money and make a difference in your present and your future.