What Everybody Ought to Know about The Internet Marketer's Mindset

What if you could be like internet marketing greats like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, John Reese, Jeff Johnson, or Jeff Walker?

And with that, imagine intuitively knowing what will make a great marketing success.

So the question to ask yourself is...

Do you have an internet marketer's mindset?

Everyone wants success on the internet, but not everyone has the correct mindset. It takes a special person. You don’t have to be a workaholic (but that will help) or be willing to engage in questionable marketing tactics. You just need to have certain characteristics that are common to the most successful Internet marketers, just like who were mentioned earlier.

What characteristics?

These 7.

#1 A dedicated person.

If you’re the type to change jobs with your moods, then stick to a 9-5 gig. You’re building a real business and it takes time, effort, and tweaking to make it work. And money is not enough. You have to do it because you enjoy the process.

#2 Perseverance

You're going to mess up. Eventually. You’re going to have down times. Every marketer does. Something will go wrong – whether it’s a freelancer who didn’t deliver on time and threw off your launch date or a JV partnership that fell through.

Every internet marketer has had his fair share of dark times. Frank Kern is a good example of that. Frank Kern, considered a guru in the internet marketing world was sued by the FTC. That didn't stop him from recovering from this and eventually launching MULTIPLE multi-million dollar launches.

#3 Planners

If you are the kind of person who doesn't stick to schedule or plan, you'll never see success- or at least it will take you forever to see it.

The great Internet marketers don’t fly by the seat of their pants. They believe in being meticulous planners. They make schedules and plans for their day, week, month, year, and even further down the road.

#4 Learners

Are you willing to be a student for life? No successful marketer gets to the top and stops learning this industry.

Does this mean you have to know everything?

Of course not--- but you should strive to be. And at least have the knowledge and foresight to know what you will need to know.

Technology changes fast. Your competition can have the edge if you miss a critical component or update on technology.

This can mean they can deliver value faster or better than you.

#5 Salesmanship

Yes, you are selling. Learn everything about it.


Communication Skills


Relationship Building

Lead Generation

Follow Up Processes



There's too much to list but learn everything there is to know about selling. Because being a salesman is essentially who you are-- you're just doing it over the internet.

#6 Uniqueness

Everyone is unique. Including you. Show your personality.

My personal favorite is Frank Kern. This guy got pssazz. Well, not really but he's funny.

He makes you feel like your friend. Well, cause he is.

While most internet gurus think they're better than you, his personality always conveys humbleness.

A kind of humbleness where you can meet this guy on the street and will never guess he makes millions in his sleep. No fancy clothes, average looks, kinda overweight (but not grotesquely fat), and a laid back attitude.

Find your uniqueness.

Who are you? Know it and show it through your internet business.

Let people (as in your customers) know who you are.

#7 Lazy Workaholics


Yes. Successful internet marketers are lazy--- and are-- workaholics.

Let me break it down to you.

They work hard at being lazy.

They find ways to automate, outsource, and autopilot everything.


Blog posts

Customer Service

Delivery of Goods

Order Fulfillments

Web and Page Design


And a million other things.

They don't want to do everything themselves. They know they'll save more headaches and time by having others work for them-- or technology.

Work smart.

Do you have the internet marketer's mindset?