What Everybody Ought to Know about Negotiating a Used Car

I know what you're thinking...

Used car salesmen are the "worst," right?

In some ways they are. They can be the toughest negotiators because they can be very pushy.

So, what do you do when you come across a used car salesman?

Well for starters you shouldn't be intimidated. When buying a used car, the first thing you must have is knowledge. This means doing research.

What kind of research?

- Know what specific car you want, no exceptions

- Know its specs

- How much that car costs in the blue book

- How much you're willing to pay and how you're going to pay

- Look up car fax to get the history of the car

When you're armed with this first hand knowledge, you'll know the truth when negotiating for your used car.

It cuts through the BS, so to speak, such as when the salesman gives you some phony number about the car you have your eye on.

So what do you do when that happens (and yes it will happen)?

Be silent.

You should be patient to negotiating the car as you know what you can get it for and DON'T GIVE IN until you get what you want. There's an abundance of cars out there.

That mindset will help you win.

Wanna know some tactics to along with this mindset?

Here's 3 for you:

1) Walking away- If you don't get what you want from the salesman, call the deal off. Simply tell them that deal is not good enough for you and you'll look else where

2) Take "forever" & be difficult- the used car salesman wants to get paid and he'll try to close fast. Don't let him control the time frame. You control the time frame.

3) Nibble- if you got a deal on your hands-- get more! Ask for stereo system upgrades, new tires, etc.

Good luck when negotiating for your used car.