What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from Santa Claus

People believe Santa Claus only works one night a year. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, he has this one magical night running around sending presents, but Santa runs his operation like a real business.

But Santa a CEO?

Yes... why? Well for starters he his

Is His Own Company Spokesperson

Santa Claus is a brilliant marketer and knows that his image is the best marketing tool. No other face is as recognizable and no other entrepreneur can attract such a large crowd. Have you seen the malls during the Holidays? It means Santa Claus is here... and

Customers Love Him

What other entrepreneur have so many adoring fans? Just mention his name around a group of kids and watch their little faces light up like Rudolph's nose.

He also...

Sets the Bar for All Entrepreneurs

When you describe the perfect entrepreneur, Santa fits the picture. He has passion. He loves his customers. He knows what his customers want and delivers quickly. He can lead a large team. He inspires those around him. He is dedicated. Loyal. And the list goes on and on.

Santa Claus has

Perfected Manufacturing

Santa Claus is head of the largest, most diverse manufacturing operations in the world. His product lines range from Barbie dolls to toy trucks to basketballs to baseball gloves for the little kids, to cell phones and videogames and DVDs for us big kids. Santa's factory runs year round, 24/7, and never goes bankrupt.

And what else, you ask? Well, Santa Claus’ business has

Delivery & Distribution Systems that is better Than FedEx and UPS combined

If you think FedEx or UPS are the best at tracking packages think again. Santa Claus' track record is absolutely flawless... He has never missed a single delivery even if it means going through the chimney.

Santa Wrote the Book on Customer Service

Santa Claus proudly brags a 100% perfect customer satisfaction grading. You never hear about lawsuits and Better Business Bureau complaints against Santa. He makes sure that his customers are happy.

Every entrepreneur can learn that Santa Claus does one thing all entrepreneurs must strive for: he gives what the customers wants.