Warning: Entrepreneurs Staying in College Can Be Evil

Evil, you ask?

Well, just wanted to get your attention but the truth is many young entrepreneurs and business owners are frequently faced with the choice of which route to take.

On the one hand, there's the more conservative route of staying in college and acquiring a degree.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs have booming businesses that are making them more money than their degree will ever get for them. Is college blocking success? Making it evil? Or is it a worthful resource that should be continued?

College business owners, you have the choice of dropping out. Acknowledging this choice is vital to the success of your future. Ask yourself this question: should I drop out of college?

Why are you in college in the first place?

This question cuts through the surface. Entrepreneurs must solve the truth of why they are in college before arriving at the decision to drop out. Many entrepreneurs are in college because their parents told them. Other young entrepreneurs find college as a valuable resource and want to continue learning while they expand their business. If you answer with an "I don't know," just drop out, you're wasting your time.

Why Do You Want to Drop Out?

If you figure out why you're in college, you should ask the second question. Why do you want to drop out? It is very important to realize exactly why you want to drop out. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have different reasons for dropping out of college and it is key that you understand yours. It can be several reasons like:

* Maybe you don't have enough money to fund your college education and you might be better off using that money for your business ventures.

* You're current business is booming and you realize it's time to focus on your business more than college

* You just don't have enough time because there are other things you want to focus on life

* You just don't find it useful anymore

The Secret to Making the Decision

It all comes down to pros and cons. You can decide to finish college later if you'd like. Maybe it's a matter of timing. Here is an example situation, look at the two lists and decide what the student should do.

Reasons to Stay in College:

- My parents are paying for it, and they would be disappointed if I left

- Everyone I know is in college, I would feel lost to leave.

- A degree might give me a sense of security later on.

Reasons to Drop Out and Pursue Business

- I have a worthy business plan and know it will work

- My business income is growing

- Having more time to work on my business would let me expand faster

- You have a family now and have to provide now

The truth of the matter is that entrepreneurs are meant to thrive in the real world not in college. There are many successful college educated entrepreneurs but understand this: college is meant to groom you as an EMPLOYEE. College is teaching you to work for someone else. Hardcore entrepreneurs would not be in college as it goes against their beliefs and goals. They want to work for themselves.