Warning: Colors Will Affect Your Marketing and Sales Performance

Did you know colors have a hypnotic affect on people?

And yes, if applied incorrectly, the colors you integrate in your business will affect the performance in sales.

BUT... (here's the good part) if you understand colors and the meaning behind each of them, you can use it to your advantage to actually INCREASE your sales.

Just imagine with a change of color you can affect emotions.

And with that emotions, you can increase sales.

Let's learn.


* clean, pure, innocent

* it gives a cool and refreshing feeling

* good for the background of a visual as it's easy on the eyes


*authority, classy


*used to sell luxurious products or something high priced



*high energy

*gets attention

*creates urgency within buyers, usually seen in clearance sales





*Often seen in "security" labels to show credibility





*the easiest color to process

*associate with wealthy




*gets attention, grabbing "window shoppers"

*best if used as an accent or highlight NOT as a main color


*asks to take action

*more affordable

*creates a reponse to buy or sell, usually put on buy buttons


*romantic, feminine


*used to market to females


*used to soothe

*luxurious in nature, especially combine with gold

*if combine with red, creates a feeling of power




*1st place

*high class

*used to sell higher end products

As you're reading this, you're getting some fantastic ideas to implement more appropriate colors for your business.

Maybe your sales and marketing material is too bland with no color that conveys power, or even trust.

Plain ol' black and white is not going to cut it.

Add some colors and watch your sales increase.

As you get more attention, more trust, and convey the feeling of wealth, you can invoke the right emotions to your customers, getting them to buy.