Warning: Are Career Coaches Worth Your Time

In short answer: yes.

Do you agree that two people can use the same "tool" but get different results?

For example, if you have Bob and Jeff race each other on bicycles where both have the same type and model of bicycles, do you agree that 9 times out of 10 they'll get different race times?

Yes, of course.

It proves that the factor between who is faster is not necessarily JUST the bicycle but the driver.

With that said, you can also agree that if Bob were to use a car and Jeff were to use a bicycle, Bob will beat him by a landslide.

Career coaching is just like that. It is a tool. And it is up to you as the person to pick the best career coach AND make the most out of it.

A career coach is something several people may have heard of but few really understand what they do. Career coaching has become more popular, and they are actually utilized by many successful people who are also already employed in addition to those looking. They help them stay on the right track in their career. If you are searching a job, and your job search is proving difficult and dreadful, a career coach might be just what you've been looking for.

So, just what can a career coach do for you?

* Help with your resume

Does your resume "suck"? They'll make it better. The skills you are highlighting on your resume are unimportant or the language you use to talk about your work history is outdated.

* Narrow down your options

If you are job hunting within a specific industry, a career coach can assist you narrow down the best possible choices that pay the most and fits you.

* Give you some "secrets"

A career coach will give you pointers about that field and the companies in the field as well as giving you general advice about the typical culture of that business--- who the big players are, how to dress for your interview so that you look the part.

* Help you get "inside"

What if you could meet influential people that can determine if you are hired or not?

If you pick a good career coach who is WELL CONNECTED you'll have no problem getting "inside" and getting ahead of everybody else because now you're friends with people who are at the company you wish to work for.

Last but not least, a career coach can let you know what you are doing incorrectly in your career. Do you have trouble with your interpersonal working relationships, or do you not possess the specific skills for your dream job? A career coach will work with you to set these problems straight .

When you need a job that fits you, a career coach can be that bicycle to your race for that dream job.