Want More Help to Get out of Debt? Find a Community

We don't want to feel alone through this journey and we aren't.

There are many people in the same situation as yourself and some worse. What we can do to better ourselves and help get out of debt is seeking help from others in the same situation. Just like how there are clubs or organizations to help with drug or alcohol addictions, or even clubs that love the game of golf, there are clubs who are interested in getting out of debt.

There is a community out there for everything. So what can you do?

Find a Community Online and Offline

There are many people blogging about their debt problems and solutions. These blogs can become quite personal and transparent, as some expose their financial status on the internet to help gain perspective. They choose to share their actual income and expenditure reports on a monthly basis. This can be quite helpful in finding how it can relate to your situation, and it's more authentic.

If you prefer meeting people outside the online world, move into the offline world. There is a website, Meetup.com, which was created to help bring people together with the same hobbies and goals. They meet up for things like learning how to play golf, invest in real estate, photography, and just about everything else including meet ups that help people get out of debt.

Use Your Community as Motivation

Once you've found a community whether it is online and/or offline, those relationships will motivate you to stick to your plan for getting out of debt. Belonging to a group is an effective motivator. It's more fun to accomplish goals with others and be able to share what everyone learned. Success is helping others become successful.

Use Your Community for Accountability

Your new friends are also people who will hold you accountable if you aren't following your plan. Find yourself a personal coach, some bloggers offer that service, if not, find one in one of the meet ups. While this might not be pleasant at first, it will ultimately serve the purpose of getting out of your debt.

Get Advice from Your Community

If you find yourself stuck somewhere in the process of getting out of debt, you can either find it though blogs or even blog about your problems and see if any of your blogging friends have advice. You might be amazed at how they can direct you for more help. Of course with the new friends you find in the meet ups, they can offer good advice on how to go about it.