They Didn't Think I Could Land Better Job Prospects, But I Did

Not satisfied with your job?

You're not alone.

Now you’re thinking “Well, how do you land better job prospects then?”

Firstly, prior to starting your job search, figure out exactly what it is that you are looking for.

"What do you mean?"

It means thinking about the very reasons why you are ready to leave your current job. And it means thinking about what you want from your new job that you didn't have in your old job.

Are you looking for better benefits?

Are you tired of working long hours and weekends? Or worse, the night shifts you're doing?

Do you want a shorter commute?

Maybe you want a job with less responsibilties?

By clearly defining what exactly it is that you want in a job, you'll be able to "smoke out" the jobs you don't want. From there, you'll select the few that have the qualities you are looking for, and put the necessary effort to land one of those jobs.

Do you sell yourself short?

Hopefully not but if you do, start aiming higher.

Many people underestimate their own skills. You don't want to apply for jobs that you have absolutely no skills or knowledge of UNLESS they offer training, of course, but you can apply for jobs that you have some of the skills to do.

For example, if you are applying for a job consisting of maintaining the company website and are only somewhat skilled in maintaining a website, still apply. You'll get better as you go.

You can put on your resume that will explain that you have a "working knowledge." This way the employer will understand that you are not an expert at the task but you are capable with just a little help in the beginning.

The most important thing you must do to get your foot in the door is to create a better resume. Be creative. Maybe create a video or powerpoint along with your printed out resume. Tailor your resume to the specific company. Find out what they want and embody just that.

Better job prospects are attainable. You have to pinpoint what it is you want from a job and believe that you deserve and will get that type of job. Believe in yourself and you are halfway there.