The Top 10 Questions to Ask When in Negotiations

Negotiations can be tricky especially when you don't know what the other side is thinking or planning.

What if you could become a psychic and probe into other person's head?

You can.

If you use these 10 probing questions, you'll be able to get to the core of the whole negotiation in blazing speed and accuracy.

Are you ready?

Here they are:

#1 What exactly do you want?

#2 What will having that do for you?

#3 Tell me more about that?

#4 What specifically would help get us to both what we want?

#5 How will you know when we worked successfully?

#6 What is the result(s) you are after?

#7 If there were other options what would that be?

#8 What if there was another approach to this? What would it be?

#9 Okay, really, What's the real issue here?

#10 I'm confused. What issue is being misunderstood?

I guarantee these top 10 questions will get to the heart of the negotiations. And yes, you should use them when negotiating for anything.

Now, if the language is too "professional," you can always use a variation of it with more personality--- BUT don't change the underlying message behind the question.

Wanna see an example?


Check this:

#7: You know, there's always more than one way of accomplishing anything, right? (Getting the person to agree covertly). What other choices do we have here? (getting the person to think of solutions-- probing their thinking)