The Secret to Generating Sales Leads Offline

WARNING: this may contain some information that will bring you more sales and more money

I know kinda gimmicky but I wanted your attention because this secret has been used by successful salesman, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

They all wanted more customers. They all got it.

It came with a price though. Time. Energy. Focus. Hard work. But I'm sure you already know that's what it takes.

So you wanna know the secret to successfully generate leads offline?

Public speaking.

Scary, huh?

If you've never done it, it's scary but if you want to generate more sales offline, you have to learn.

So how does public speaking really lead to more sales?

You use public speaking to teach and educate your prospects about the subject of your product or service.

You conduct free classes and tutorials. This can be in the form of short speeches, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and the like. For example, if you're selling your tax consulting services, you can hold a workshop on the subject of "The Top 10 Tax Write Offs You're Missing Out On." Research places where they hold free workshops. It's usually in libraries, chambers of commerce, meetups, etc.

Specifically, what is causing the massive sales when you do pubic speaking? It does 7 things for you:

* Creates trust

When you are giving this information free, it creates trust as you're not just "selling" something but teaching. And we all know that we buy stuff from people we trust.

* You look like the expert

If you know what you're talking about, people will perceive you as the expert. And yes, experts makes sales, lots of it.

* An opportunity to network and establish relationships

What if you could establish relationships with other salespeople and professionals in your field? Will that help build your customer list and increase sales?

* Built in referral machine

The people listening to your speaking may not be the ideal customer but they may have a friend who is. Persuade them to refer their friends and family to you.

* You get built in feedback

Did you not cover somethings in your sales presentations? Gather up the most FAQs and use them and-- voila--- you'll be able to pass through buyer resistance.

* Hot leads right in front of you

They came to your workshop for a reason, right? Well, they might not buy now but later. Get their contact information at the door and you got yourself a warm lead.

* Perfects your selling skills

We all need tweaking in selling. Here's your chance. The better you can sell, the more sales you'll make.

Public speaking will be your key to the door of monumental sales.

I want to give you more stuff to use. Stay right there, I'm going to get a drink.

Just imagine yourself in front of an audience... got the picture? Make sure you implement the following action items:

* Get their contact information at the door, such as email. You can use this to contact them and run them through your sales funnel.

* Give away free stuff during the speech. It can be as little as a downloadable product. No cost to you. Take it a step further and offer free consultation.

* Engage with your prospects and let them ask a lot of questions.

* Be funny and entertaining. Make fart jokes if you have to.

* Get personal. Talk about your family or friends. Your problems, etc. People like buying from real people. Are you real?

* Be presentable. Dress professional.

* Don't go overboard with powerpoints. You want the focus on you not on the slides.

* Make sure you have a clear agenda of you plan to offer to the audience.

Now you got the secret to generating massive leads offline, don't be a chicken. Get out there and speak, educate, and sell. Have fun!