The Number 1 Must Know Secret of Selling

It happened on a regular Tuesday

I was at the mall shopping for my nieces

I looked and looked and finally found that special toy both were looking for. So I bought it and when I got home I wrapped it up.

The very next day I visited my nieces and surprised them with the toys.

Smiles. Smiles. Joy.

That's what I witness.

Then it hit me.

I know what you're thinking.

Kids are always excited but not adults.

Wrong! Admit it you get just as excited when you get something new and shiny. When I saw their smiles, I realized something.

When you sell...

You sell feelings.

When you buy new shoes, or a car, or jewelry, or a book, a house or anything else, the basic foundation of what you're buying is FEELINGS.

People buy from their emotions NOT through logic. They buy new shoes thinking that it will look good at them, making them feel important. Or they might get those shoes to make them feel comfortable. So the question is what FEELING are you selling? Are you selling them on happiness, importance, fear, comfort, love, passion, motivation, peace, inspiration, fulfillment, etc.

For example, Akon, the musician makes music that makes the listener feel like they are "high on life." His music has the audience feel a sense of enjoyment on life, and it is for that reason why his music sells. He sells the celebration of life.

Titanic, the movie, sells love. It makes you fall in love all over again. It sells that FEELING OF LOVE. When big corporations offer jobs with benefits among other things, it is selling the feeling of security. It makes the employee FEEL secure. We can go on and on about this but the point is...

What FEELING are you selling your audience?