The Hush Hush Secret of Forecasting Profits in Real Estate Investing

As the real estate market shows very confusing times for most real estate investors, the successful ones always have the upper hand. They have a strategy. A proven strategy. It's been a secret strategy called “follow the builder.”

It is relatively easy to make a profit when the market is rising. It becomes more difficult when that hot market starts slows down. This is when the pros being to play. They realize during hard times it becomes very difficult to make a profit on the sale of a property when prices are falling.

So how do they do it DESPITE falling prices? Simple.

They Follow the Builder

In many areas of the country, there are builders who build hundreds of properties each year within a fifty mile radius of each other. They build entire communities or are one of three to five builders who build entire communities around big employment centers. This presents you with money making opportunity.

Fellow real estate investors, you gotta listen to this. When builders are able to sell their properties DESPITE the so called "bad market," that is HUGE sign waving at you saying "invest here!"

Do your research and figure out where the builders are building and most importantly find the ones who are still selling their loads of properties. Smart real estate investors need to snatch em up quick and have themselves a positive cash flow check every month PLUS the capital appreciation for being the first one there.