The Dirty Truth of Selling Offline

As you read every word, you'll begin to realize that selling offline is just not enough.

You want to be more successful, right?

Then, learn that it's important that you familiarize yourself with all the different methods involved. Learn about their advantages and drawbacks so that you'll be able to reap the rewards from the knowledge of it. Specifically, when marketing your products and services, offline marketing has its handicaps.

Limit in Audience Reached

When you are selling face to face whether it is through seminars or workshops, not everybody will get out of the house to drive to your event and listen to you. People are naturally lazy and may not get the message. You can only be at one place at a time.

What's the solution:

Get online. That's right, start integrating your selling online. This doesn't mean stop doing seminars or workshops but don't let that be your number one focus. Generating leads online is much easier and guess what? It's automatic. The offline world is too busy running errands so you won't get much attention. We are all strapped for time and the best way to make your potential customer feel comfortable is at home. Selling your products and services while they're at home is easier. The face to face interaction for the customer can be a bit overwhelming as the salesperson is going to push for a sales close right now. Online, it's different. They take the time to learn who you are. You slowly build trust. You are more worthy of attention as you've educated them thoroughly, instead of a one time speech or pitch.

Higher Marketing Cost

What if you could reach a bigger audience through an offline method such as that of a newspaper, magazine, TV, or even radio?

One problem: It takes a lot of upfront $$$

Advertising in print or some live broadcasting like television is expensive, and more particularly so if you're advertising with bigger and popular companies.

What's the solution:

You're right if you said, "get online!" How much does it cost to get online? Free. There are places to get free websites you can build and use to promote your products and services. Of course there will be expenses along the way as you decide to bring more value and content to your customers but nonetheless the overhead is much much cheaper. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, when you're selling online, did I mention it's on 24/7? With offline methods, you have to take orders through the phone or in person, which limits your precious customers with time. Maybe they want to buy something right now BUT you're closed. They're not going to go with you. They'll find someone who is convenient to them.

Am I suggesting you stop offline marketing and selling? Absolutely, not.

You have to diversify your way of finding customers. The online world is ruling and businesses are integrating a LARGE part of marketing with ONLINE methods.

The dirty truth is offline selling is not enough if you want to have a thriving successful selling business.