The Cold Truth about Keywords and Traffic

Repeat after me: I will read this article.

Repeat after me again: keywords are KEY to success.

Repeat one more time- this time put it together: I will read this article about why keywords are key to success.

Why are your keyword choices critical to your success in any online business model?

One answer: targeted traffic.

Whether you’re active in PPC (pay-per- click), blogging, or any number of Internet marketing opportunities, the keywords you choose can make or break your success.

Ten thousand visitors coming to your domain via the keyword “shoes” is probably going to be worthless compared to 500 visitors who come via the keyword phrase, “buy Michael Jordan shoes,” if that’s what you’re selling.

Someone who is searching for “shoes” is probably just browsing. But the keywords "buy Michael Jordan shoes" says it all.

The cold truth is that it’s not enough to just get a lot of traffic - you need a lot of targeted traffic. Traffic from people who are willing to take the action you want them to take.

Whether you’re looking to sell eBooks, promote affiliate products/services, generate leads for a CPA offer, or just get sign-ups to your list, you must get targeted visitors who are likely to be buyers now or in the future.

Once you’ve picked out a niche you’d like to go after, you need to research the keywords you’ll use- more specifically the keywords buy customers actually use. If you’re writing articles, you’ll need to choose keywords to use in the titles and text. If you’re building niche websites, you’ll need to use keywords in the domain name. If you’re buying PPC traffic, the keywords you choose will likely be one of the biggest factors determining whether or not your campaign is profitable.

There are a lot paid keyword tools but for now try the free one google has.

First you’ll want to enter a base keyword for your niche. Let’s say you’re targeting the baseball niche. You might enter “baseball” into the keyword tool of your choice. Then the keyword tool will show you a number of related keywords.

You might come up with “baseball gloves,” “baseball tips,” “baseball swing,” “baseball bags,” “baseball hats,” and “baseball batting cage.” This is a short list of more broad terms. But you’ll want to generate a large amount of keywords that you can use over the coming months and years, so grab them all!