The 7 Qualities of A Master Negotiator

"The negotiating world often contains some razzle-dazzle and hocus-pocus, so lighten up and enjoy the game"- Dr. Phil

When I first read the quote, my first thought was "Dr. Phil wrote that?"

I guess Dr. Phil is smart. In case you don't know who he is, Dr. Phil is a psychologist and TV show host who helps individuals solve their problems. Think Oprah-- but a guy version.

Dr. Phil is a master negotiator for sure. When you watch him in action he "negotiates" with his clients to get them to change. He is influential and has the 7 qualities of a master negotiator.

What are they?

#1 Confident- Not once does Dr. Phil back down on anything he advises on. He is not arrogant but confident in his knowledge and his ability to give effective advice that gets results. His confidence shows as he always believes in his words, never doubting himself.

#2 Intuitive- He calls people on their B.S. How? He can sense when something is off. A negotiator knows when there is a missing piece and will get to the bottom to find out.

#3 Winner- Dr. Phil does not give up. He loves winning. He wants to help everyone that he believes needs it. On his show, it is his mission to help facilitate change in people's lives for the better. As a negotiator, you must love to win and have a mission.

#4 Playful- He's funny to top it too! Negotiations can get serious sometimes. Don't be afraid to be playful.

Knock Knock

Who's there !

Ice cream !

Ice cream who ?

Ice cream if you don't let me in!

My daughter told me that joke. Thought it would be funny--no? Oh well.

#5 Straightforward- Get to the point. Dr. Phil does this a lot. Master negotiators are straightforward because they don't have time to waste. People are busy.

#6 Flexible- Negotiators must know that the other person might not agree to what you asked them to do-- the first time around--or the WAY you asked them to do it.

When you watch Dr. Phil he is flexible in his approach. But either way, he'll find a way to influence the person to take action.

#7 Listens well- Hello? Great, you passed. You listen well. Keep it up. Negotiators are listeners through their eyes and ears