The 6 Tips to Save Money on Car Rentals

We all want to save money, right?

Many believe that car rental fees are fixed but if one realizes the right things to do, getting discounts are easy.

Frequently, discounts can be found by doing a little research, and the simple act of asking for them. Rental companies are hungry for business so they will rent out cars they are not using. Cars sitting on that lot are not bringing them any money so they're going to try to push it.

Here are 6 tips to save money car rentals:

1. Do your research. Research may be done online, on the phone, or by your mail. The internet might be the best options sometimes you can opt-in for their email newsletter where they update you on discounts. It is strategic to compare the rates from different car-rental companies. Nearly all car-rental companies web sites (if they don't call them), where they will display the rates for different locations.

2. Book early. If you are preparing your vacation months in ahead, check car-rental prices available at that time. Lock it in and if it gets cheaper, cancel and get it changed, if not, go ahead with the early lock in rate. A smart trick to save money :).

3. Sign up for their loyal program. Many rental car companies have this for repeat customers. Get free upgrades, discounts, and other goodies. You might be able to save money on other stuff such as restaurants or future rentals.

4. Get the smallest automobile available. Figure out the number of riders traveling with you and get the smallest car everyone can fit in. The car-rental place can be out of this car and can upgrade you for free to the next higher class, just ask.

5. Ask about membership discounts. Ask your car-rental company if there are better offers for a weekly as oppose to daily rentals, and if there are discounts for memberships such as AAA, USAA, AARP, or other organizations. If you work for a large company, ask about corporate rental rates.

6. Fill up the gas tank before returning it. Car-rental companies would charge more than the average price for gas to make an extra buck out of you. Be smart and save a lot of money by putting the gas in yourself.

Follow these 6 tips to save money on car rentals and have a nice trip!