Superstar Entrepreneurs Lead Meetings Like This

Meetings don't have to be boring. Instead, they can be place to share and connect. A time and place to actually get something done. Now, if you are looking for ways to increase effectiveness in your meetings, learn from the ten things below.

Plus, after applying these rules, you are that much closer into being a superstar entrepreneur.

Rule #1 Avoid meetings. Wait, what?

Yes, avoid meetings. Test the significance of a meeting by questioning, "What will happen without it?" If your answer is, "Absolutely nothing," then don't call the meeting.

Rule #2 Prepare goals.

You want meetings to yield results right? Of course you do.

Know your outcome before a meeting. What results do you want? Write up "the goals" before the meetings. They should be so clear, thorough, and specific that someone else could use them to lead your meeting. Making more money is not specific. "Making 20% more revenue by the end of the quarter" is specific. Specific goals facilitate efficient progress toward relevant results.

Rule #3 Challenge each goal.

Ask yourself and everyone else in the meeting, "What are other ways to achieve this?" For instance, if you want to increase customer satisfaction, you can try new things like online surveys after a purchase. You can call the customer. You can send a direct mail postcard. Understand that a meeting is a team activity. By collaborating as a team to figure out how to achieve the goals, it brings about a more effective meeting. But... it's up to you as the superstar entrepreneur to lead and demonstrate this.

Rule #4 Inform others.

Isn't this obvious? Well, yeah but sometimes people forget. 3-4 reminders usually do the trick.

Memo about the meeting at least 3 times before the meeting. That helps other people develop a game plan during the meeting. Unprepared workers waste time by preparing for the meeting during the meeting. That's a no- no. Also, ask every single person in the meeting for an opinion. Yes, every single person.

Rule #5 Assume control.

A leader does just that. Leads. If you find yourself in a meeting that is out of control. Control it. Make sure no one else tries to "out position" you. A superstar entrepreneur knows he is the alpha dog.

Rule #6 Focus on the issue.

Avoid long drawn out stories, or in appropriate jokes, and unrelated issues. Set the tone in the meeting as if time is short and hurried, making every second count.

Rule #7 Use organized activities in your meetings. Having a structure can help you in control because there is already a pre set schedule. "Winging it" is not encouraged. It only wastes time and gets no results.

Now, go out there and be a superstar entrepreneur, leading your team meetings and company to success.