Struggling Salespeople- How to Get Your Customers to Take Action

Are you struggling to make sales?

Are you struggling to get your customer to take action?

If so, pay attention.

When talking about action, it means buying.

Sometimes customers give us the run around or are simply not taking the next step to close the sale.

The million-dollar question comes into mind: How then, can you make a customer buy?

Let me share with you a 2 important points on just that.

* Selling is not entirely about your product.

Your product won’t sell on its own. Before you can sell anything, you have to sell yourself first. The moment you speak to your customer about your product is the moment your customer will see if he or she can trust you. If they find that hard to do, you are in big trouble.

So what does this mean in first grade language?

Gain their trust.

Get their trust, you get the sale.

* Get good at following up and alleviating concerns

Not all customers buy impulsively.

You could be lucky to come across more than one compulsive customer in a day but that only happens if you're selling something low end. High end products or services usually require more thinking in the customer's part.

So you have to know your plan of "attack."

Often times, the customer just wants to be walked through the sales process. They want to know you stand by your product or service. They want a guarantee. They are concerned about minor details.

It's your job to find those concerns and soothe it with your promise.

Now, you're probably thinking, "that sounds good but I want some tactics, some techniques!"

You got it. I have 4 magical selling techniques for you

And yes, it really works well when you apply it in your sales.

1. The Reciprocity Technique

Take advantage of people’s tendency to reciprocate good thoughts and efforts.

It's been scientifically proven, that whenever you give or do something nice to others, people feel obligated to return the favor.

As a seller, give your customers something. Anything.

It could be a piece of candy.

It could be a sample of your product or service

They will appreciate it and will buy from you because now you earned their confidence.

2. The Contrast Technique

Several people shop with a budget in mind.

To overcome this obstacle (in case your product is priced higher than average), demonstrate to your potential customer the super value they can get from your product or even service in contrast to your competitors’ (which could be priced lower).

It could be something such as a life time guarantee.

Let them recognize the tremendous value they are getting in exchange for a just a few dollars more.

3. The Herd Technique

People like to belong to a group. It's human nature.

How can you apply this truth in selling?

Well, in clubs or bars, they may apply this principle by showing long lines indicating that the place must be really good if everybody is going there.

If you provide to potential customers that "everyone is doing it" then you can win them over.

The herd technique works well especially those who need to see someone else have it or do it before they take action.

I'll warn you on the next technique.

Please use it ethically.

This means, selling to people who you know will benefit from it.

4. The Consistency Technique

Try to determine what your customers’ preferences are.

Ask them a lot of questions.

And with those answers use it to show that what they're looking for, you have.

For example, ask them if they value quality over price. If they say “yes,” that’s your cue to ask them if they are willing to buy your product if it has a lot more useful features than others.

People like to be consistent with their values and beliefs. And to stay consistent, they're most expected to buy your product to prove that they indeed value quality over price.

You're beginning to see how you can use this to increase sales, right?

Use these selling techniques and you will surely get your customer buying with less effort.