Save Money for College by Raising Funds

It is never too early to start saving and raising money if you want to go to college. Grants, loans and scholarships are available to those who can qualify but the more you can save for yourself the less you’ll owe when you finally graduate

Saving money is the smartest way to achieve your goal to enter a good college. Begin early since it’s uncertain you’ll have enough. Annual costs run about $25,000 at state universities and twice that at private institutions.

If you start a savings account during childhood years and set aside $30 a month in a 5% interest rate college fund, and religiously contribute to it every month for 18 years you’ll have about $10,000.

Don't be shy to ask for donations from friends and family. Let the people you invite know the money will go towards the education fund. Make it a playful night. If they disagree on donations ask for an interest free loan. As a last resort use the sympathy approach to convince them.

Part time side jobs can help; just make sure you save all or at least most of the money. There are millions of ways to earn some quick money.

Select which school you want to attend and figure how much it’s going to cost per year. Set a goal to raise at the least part of the money with savings and odd jobs.