Learn the Secrets of Negotiation Through Role Playing

Remember when you were a kid, and played pretend games.

Like pretend to be superman. Pretend to be dog. Pretend to be horse. Pretend to be each other. That one always brings laughs--- and hurt feelings.

In negotiations, emotions can get out of hand if you aren't too careful. Anxiety. Nervousness. Anger. Stress. Excitement. Happiness. Hurt.

That's when role playing games help. When you role play, you get to simulate the negotiations process as if it were real. You'll learn many things, especially controlling your emotions.

What else will you learn?

You'll learn body language, tone of voice, and the overall "hidden" communication that goes on during negotiations. This exercise will reveal the secrets to winning negotiations to losing ones.

Role playing can help critique you're performance when negotiating. Are you too shy? Are you too open? Do you show trust?

All this ties in with successful negotiations.

Role playing puts you in "character," making sure you dot every T. You even make your own secret tactics that can bring you one step closer to a winning agreement.

If you're one of those people who learn hands on, then role playing is for you. So, go out grab a friend or 2 and pretend to negotiate. Have fun.