Laid Off Workers: Here Is A Strategy That is Helping to Cope With Stress


Sometimes life slaps you in the face with bad news.

With the economy and job market in shambles, layoffs are becoming frighteningly common. If you find yourself waiting in the unemployment line, it may seem like the end of the world. You might be angry. You might be sad. But how do you avoid these negative emotions? Is it possible to cope with the stress of being laid off from work? Yes.

* Acknowledge you likely did nothing wrong. One of the first things people ask themselves is “what did I do to deserve this?” Most likely nothing. Layoffs are rarely personal. Businesses are suffering. So in order to stay afloat financially, they need to cut costs. That may mean that hardworking employees are often the first to go.

* Get your unemployment benefits taken care of immediately. Many states have waiting periods to file for unemployment. So wait the appropriate time and get going. The faster you get your unemployment benefits up and running, the better you will feel.

* Think positive. Getting laid off from work is one of the most negative things that can happen to a person, or is it? This may be the best thing that happened to you. You may not see this now but this is the best time to look for realistic opportunities. Yes, there really is one. You are essentially getting a clean slate. Consider a new career field.

* Take up a hobby. Stressing about the situation won't help so instead, take up a new hobby. Maybe start doing something that will make you happy. Make some happy decisions for yourself. What do you want to do that makes you happy that you never had time to do before?

* Start to exercise. No, not to lose weight but experts have long said that exercise helps to reduce stress. You were just laid off from your job. Release stress by taking daily walks or runs.

* Reduce your expenses. Looking over your monthly budget to cut down costs may be stressful itself, but it can do good in the short run and long run. Start prioritizing what needs to be paid and what you can live without. Yes, this includes your expensive Starbucks habit.

* Plan, Plan, Plan. That's pretty straightforward. But if you don't know what that means, it means start figuring out what to do next. What's your next move? What do you focus on now to get the result you want? What do you want for the future?

This strategy, or let's say action items, can conquer the stress you are feeling due to a layoff. Initially, being laid off from your job will seem like the end of the world. This is a typical feeling that all laid off workers go through. Don’t let it exhaust you though. Take action today and you will feel like a new person with a new (and better) outlook on life.