How to Use Audio in Internet Marketing

Go! Go! Go!

That's what most of us experience everyday.

No time for this. No time for that.

As internet marketers, we have to find smarter ways to capture the attention of our audience, right?

That's where audio comes in.

Audio is a very powerful selling tool. Some people aren’t very good at reading (like me), or really hate to read (like everyone), but they don’t mind listening as they multi-task. Using audio on your website is a great way to capture attention and sell to people who really can’t stand reading long sales pitches.

Audio instantly captures attention. Some people see this is a bad thing, because audio can be very startling if someone has their speakers turned up loudly and aren’t expecting a verbal pitch. This is why some marketers choose not to have their audio start automatically, but have a “play” button instead.

Audio is similar to video but without the pictures. I know, less exciting, but sometimes audio will just do the trick.

Use audio for "interviews" or tutorials. Maybe inviting a guest to speak and listen in on advice you're giving to your audience can help.

These can be tutorials that you place on your website or allow people to download. Some people learn better when they hear instructions than when they read them. Providing your tutorials in audio format will help reach these people in a way that written tutorials might not be able to.

What else can you use audio for?


They are a very useful in selling. I mean just imagine having your potential customers hear someone else's opinion (hopefully positive) about your product or service? Will that help you be more successful in your internet marketing ventures?

I think so.

By having people give you their testimonials in audio format, you help lend credibility to the feedback (but you may already know that)

Does this mean you can totally eliminate text?

Of course not. Just make audio an option.

Give the gift of listening. Using audio is one way to increase your success in internet marketing.