How to Support Your Spouse (Wife or Husband) After a Job Loss/Layoff

No, the answer is NOT divorce.

This is where your spouse needs your support the most. Not just financially but emotionally.

Job layoffs are happening regularly. Blame it on the economy. Blame it on the government. Blame it on your boss. Whatever the case is layoffs are becoming so common that you may know someone dealing with one firsthand.

Unfortunately it could happen to your husband or wife. Losing a steady full-time income is stressful. You may have your own troubles, but you need to be available to support your spouse after their job lay off.

How, you ask?

Be there to talk. You just need to listen. Your husband or wife will go through these stages of emotions.

First, anger. Just let them rant and vent. That means no scolding at all. Second, fear and panic usually comes. This is where they need your assurance. Be positive and promise them everything will be okay. It may take a while, but they will find a new job. Third, well... it's not really an "emotion" but both of you must be "logical" at this stage and figure out a couple things.

These things include:

* savings

* expenses

* other income

* what to do next

Basically, figure out, as a couple your financial situation.

You may already know this but some jobs become obsolete. This may mean a new line of work in general or more skills might be needed to get a new job.

Give your spouse freedom to make a new choice. They may want to go back to college, take a few career-training courses, or even change career fields.

Overall, just be supportive on the little things as well.

Your spouse will be in and out of the house for things like taking classes, applying for jobs, networking, etc. Take it one-step at a time. Of course, they should not spend their days at home sitting on the couch doing nothing, but don’t overwhelm or burden them with too much.

Now, if they don't get their shit together then you might want to look into divorce...

Just kidding :)