How to Sell Your Product or Service at ANY Price

Wouldn't be amazing if you could sell your product or service at any price?

Will you make more money?

Of course.

But I'm sure you're thinking, "how?"

Here's the clue: Sell them on VALUE, price= PERCEIVED value

Quick question.

What makes a product or service its "price?"

Are all dentists the same?

Are all shoes the same?

Are all cars created equal?

Are all books a good read?

The truth is that a price of something is based on the solution it solves. For example, toothpaste costs a measly $5 bucks but if you brush your teeth without it you mind end up going to the dentist and getting bill for $200 bucks to get it fixed and cleaned.

It just goes to show you that you are far better off buying the toothpaste than risk getting cavities and tooth decays.

How does this apply to selling, you ask?

Well, the first lesson is you gotta have some nice teeth when you smile for your customer :)... but seriously... learn to sell on its perceived value.

Explain to your prospect that the value of your product or service will cost them a lot more if they DIDN'T have it. The toothpaste is a product that will sell very well since its perceived value is high with comparison to the cost of not using it.

The question to ask yourself is: how much will it cost to your customer if they DIDN'T HAVE your product or service?

Will they end up losing more money?

Waste more time?

Get more headaches?

You don't want them to have that, do you? Then get better at selling the perceived value of your product or service, and that will make them realize that price is not an issue anymore. If anything, they're getting a better deal.