How to Prioritize Your Job Tasks

Email here.

Report there.

Phone rings.

Deadlines coming.

You get the point.

Too much going on, right?

That's where you have to learn how to prioritize at work BETTER.

Setting and ranking your priorities will help to keep everything in its proper perspective. This is a positive way to get things done.

This means acknowledging that some tasks require more time and focus than others, and believe it or not some tasks can be just be forgotten.

Listen to me, and repeat this: manage your results NOT your time.

That's right. Managing your R-E-S-U-L-T-S are more important than time.

"What do you mean?"

It means figuring out your mission and aligning your tasks through that "lens."

Ask yourself, "what do I need to do today and right now to get the "mission" completed?"

Then, ask yourself, "will doing A be productive to get the result or is it just a waste of time?"

This means stop checking your email or your facebook messages if they do not align with the task at hand or if it can be put on hold.

Here is a diagram to help your priortize your job tasks:

mission: grow sales by 20% by year end

high impact / high urgent ex: talking to a potential partner/employee/consultant to hire

high impact / low urgent ex: reading and learning new skills to increase business

low impact / low urgent ex: cleaning your desk

low impact / high urgent ex: answering an unknown phone call - screen calls