How Poster Advertising Skyrocketed Attention and Sales

Wanna know how to nail your customer's attention?

What if you could, like a loud car honk (BEEP BEEP), get people's attention instantly?

Got your attention, didn't I?

It's been discovered that the right poster can create attention like no other and with that attention, it can be converted to more sales.

Poster-making has been an integral part in the lives of people in the cultural, business, and political levels. The dirty truth is that it works very effectively. Of course you have to make sure you got a winning poster on your hands.

Now, to remind you of how it's been used, consider the following:

* Movie posters

You see this in theatres all the time. They promote future movies, so they'll sell you on coming back and watching more movies.

* Grocery stores

You ever see some big poster with a picture of a delicious looking food on it? They got your attention. It got you hungry. They want you to buy more food.

* Malls

Too many stores, too little time. How can they get your attention? Big "attention getting" posters with signs or pictures that'll make you stop dead cold in your tracks. Maybe a 50% off sale. Free stuff? Anything to capture attention.

* Politics

I mentioned earlier that even politicians use posters. Haven't you notice the posters that read things like "Vote Yes on blah blah blah" or "Mr. Blah Blah for president council?"

Are you beginning to see how posters are used widely for marketing purposes?

Now, how do you go about making a poster that will get laser focused attention and generate more sales?

Follow these tips:

* The Creative K-I-S-S

No, I am not talking about the kissing you do with your lover. I'm talking about the acronym Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Posters that bring rockstar attention emphasize mind-blowing artwork, photos and text. However don't go overboard as you should still have a clear message. Using text along with the artwork will balance it out. Hiring a graphic designer or an artist is very important, and the photo or artwork should be something that will allure your potential customers.

* Contact Information

Phone numbers don't work, too long and forgettable. Get a website or a facebook page and put that information on the poster. Maybe something like: or

Easy to remember and when they go on that page, THEN you could put phone numbers, emails, etc.

* Change sizes

Large posters can easily be spotted by passersby, so it's wise to put up large ones in open places. People cannot view a very big poster from just a few feet away, so small posters are the best ones to go for in this case.

You got the basic down. Get your poster up and make more sales!