How Experts Use Social Bookmarking to Build Links and Get Traffic

Want more traffic?

Well there is a hidden treasure (well not really hidden) but a pure gem when it comes to driving your site to the top page.

If you have more links linking to your site, the higher your website rank goes. And what better way to do that then have your website be linked from a highly visited source.

I'm talking about social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is used by experienced marketers but not enough by those starting out.

Social bookmarking sites such as Digg,, StumbleUpon, and Technorati allow users to share their favorite links to sites they like potentially (if enough people "digg" it) making your URLs go viral.

Social bookmarking sites can be great for getting traffic to your own domains. Yes, google, facebook, and twitter are not the only place where you'll find people.

Social bookmarking sites can become an untapped source of traffic and link building.

If enough people vote for a particular story, and bookmark it, it might make it to the front page of that bookmarking site. A front-page listing can mean thousands of visitors a day. But because of the very nature of social bookmarking sites, if you want to get a lot of traffic from the bookmarking sites themselves, then you have to make sure that the links you submit are newsworthy – not just your sales page.

This means quality content.

No shortcuts.

If it's not newsworthy and more general, then you shouldn’t worry about how many people vote for a story or share your links. Just focus on using the social bookmarking sites to gain backlinks to your website.

Don't go overboard and start bookmarking every page on your website. It will look spammy and might even bring down your ranking in search engines.

The key to social bookmarking is to become part of the community who shares interesting information. Create a good profile that tells a little about you. Add a picture, and if the site offers it, start building a “friends” list.

Make sure to keep bookmarking stories on other websites, not just yours.

Here's a tip: gather a group of fellow friends where you can help each other out and bookmark each other's sites, creating a ripple effect.

Have fun getting more links and more traffic.