How Bad Credit Can Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Job

I hope you don't have bad credit.

But if you do, don't be surprised if you're not hired.

Now, you might be wondering why credit scores are used in hiring processes. While you may have never heard about it, it is actually becoming more common than you might believe. Companies and institutions such as banks, universities, retail stores, and other financial institutions have used credit scores to determine whether a job applicant is good for the open position or not. And no this is not illegal.

For some of these companies, employees will be exposed to money and it may mean being responsible and accounting for large sums. Your credit information can actually help them determine whether you are a financially responsible person or not. Companies believe that if you cannot handle your own money, why you would be qualified to handle their money?

Does this mean you won't get the job if you do have bad credit?

No, not necessarily.

I just wanted to point out that having good credit is becoming more important not just to get credit for things such as a car or home but now it is affecting employment.

Now, why else do companies use your credit to determine if you get the green light to be hired?

Well, in some instances they use it as an indicator of your character. It will assure them that if you are responsible with your money and finances you are a responsible person. A person that will not be tempted by money or specific situations in a workplace where money is being handled.

But don't worry the company you're applying for will let you know of their criteria.

Unless they state to you and have a signature of permission from you, they are not allowed to check and use your credit history.

So what do you do if bad credit is in the way? Start cleaning up your mess. Slowly but surely get educated on how to fix your credit. Because it really does help to have it.