How 7 Simple Ideas Saved Money for the Family — And Still Had Fun

1. Celebrate a holiday even if it’s not an official holiday. Google search for many unusual holidays on which to peg your celebration. For example, there’s a Dress Up Your Pet Day. Celebrate by dressing the family pet with old clothes and then after take the family pet in the backyard or a park to run around. It's fun, memorable, and saves money!

2. Clean out the house together. Cleaning out rooms, closets, garage or attic and assign items for a garage sale. You not only save money but actually make money in the process. Hey, you might even discover old pictures that brings back memories... be sure to take pictures of the house after it is all cleaned out!

3. Visit a relative. How does this save money you ask? Well, you can go to your relative's house and eat their food! No, but seriously, you catch up with cousins, uncles, and aunties, while you grub on their dime.

4. Go fly a kite. Some of your most loving memories of growing up may be when your parents helped you fly your first kite. You can purchase different kinds of kite designs if you want or get kite kits and make them yourself. Materials are cheap and building is simple.

5. Take a field trip to flea market. Flea market is great place to get really cheap stuff, so you'll save money instead of shopping at the mall. Check your newspaper for the nearest flea market. Get gifts for the whole family.

6. Visit a botanical garden. Most of these are free and not only are gardens a beautiful place but the word "free" too! Save money by not spending any... anyways, just walk around and observe. Sometimes festivals are being held at the gardens. Bring your digital camera and capture unforgettable shots of your family among the flowers.

7. Spend the night outside. This can be in your back yard or in a campground. Sit down quietly by a campfire and try to discover sounds of the night hopefully they are not bears.

Don't be held back just because you don't have money to spend, try out these money saving ideas and the fries will grow up and forever cherish these times and even with their kids too.