How 5,738 People Saved Money Even Though They’re In College

When you’re in college you probably need to continue to cut costs where you can but many of these methods to save begin even before you get at that point. You will realize that saving before and during your college days is an education in itself. And, similar to college it takes discipline.

Study and pass advance placement courses (AP) and exams in high school. If you do, you can get college credit, which means no additional classes needed, which can save you money.

Career centered educational programs are also accessible. If you are able to master certain technical or occupational skills you perhaps can skip them in college. You won't have to repeat what you already taken.

Domestic service organizations offer a chance to work in community service programs around the country. In exchange, you receive a living allowance while working and an educational award to go toward fees and tuitions. Earn money, learn, and serve the community.

On a basic level, track your expenses on a excel spreadsheet. You will be able to apply this skill in other areas of your life especially in the area of saving money. Track all money spent from pizza nights, books, parking fees, and other costs.

Free beverages and snacks are often served to students to attract them to events. Watch what’s happening on campus. Check the school bulletin boards for dates and places.

Exercise and stay healthy. Avoid those costly doctor bills. Riding a bike instead of driving a car (especially populated campuses) can give you plenty of exercise and save money on gas.

Lessons learned on how to save money while in college can be used over a lifetime. It is about cutting unnecessary costs. Being creative. Self taught lessons are free and never forgotten.