Here is a Method That is Helping Employees Negotiate a Higher Salary

"There's no way I can justify my salary level, but I'm learning to live with it"- Drew Carey

What an insult right?

Let's face it, Drew Carey isn't that funny but he makes a high salary that'll make a 70+ hours a week-- working doctor blush.

So how can you as an employee bump your pay grade?

The truth is there is no easy method but it all begins with YOU.

You probably know that there are less educated, less talented, and yes even lazier people who make more money than you.

How do they do it? In 4 short words: They ask for it.

Are you asking your boss for a higher salary every year?

And every year are you contributing more and more in your work?

Are you providing more value and income to the company?

Are you constantly looking for other job options that come your way? If not, why aren't you?

If there was another company with same job as your current one, BUT pays more why aren't you going there?

Sometimes the best way to get that higher salary and better benefits is to go somewhere else. Employees are just that, employees. They are not bosses per se but they have to succumb to the bosses orders. If the boss will not give you the raise you deserve then it's best to walk away.

Now, how can you prove to them that you deserve what you asked for? Write it down. Write down all your duties and responsibilities and everything else that provides high value and show that to your employer. Then, ask them, is your salary at the level that it should be?

There is really no "under handed" method to accomplish this but just letting your boss know that the salary you currently have is too "low."

Be open, direct, and truthful. Don't try to negotiate when you know you have done a poor job. Negotiate when THEY have more to lose than YOU. Do you see the difference?

Remember: THEY NEED YOU more than you need them. You're a person of high value and high value people get high salaries.