Here is a 4 Step Method to Recover From a Job Layoff

No, I know what you're thinking...

None of the steps involve moving back with your mom.

Lay-offs are difficult for most people and are harder to cope with if you don't have an immediate back up plan such as another job or savings. Often times especially during hard economic season's lay-offs are general cuts such as the closing of a whole department. This means it hits good employees that the company otherwise would have never gotten fired. So what do you need to do to recover from a lay off? Here are 4 simple steps you should take after you have been laid-off.

1st Step: Cope and Get Real

The first and probably the most important step is coping with the situation. Get your feelings straightened out. I know you might be either angered, sad, or even a little depressed by what happened, but if you are not able to get this sorted out with yourself, it will be harder to move forward---lowering your chance of finding another job.

The truth is you have to be "real" to yourself. Coming to the realization that you have to "move on" and find a source of income RIGHT AWAY means you'll be able to find better opportunities FASTER. No time for moping around. What's done is done.

2nd Step: What next? Get in order

After you have been able to work through the situation and are ready for the job hunt, bring your résumé out. Brush up and make the update changes on it. Add your last job to the list, add your new skills and everything else you have experienced since the last time you came applying for a new job. Looking at your new résumé, you can see what might be the next job you can go after. Maybe something better. I mean you do have more skills now, don't you? Can this lead to more money than your last job? Possibly. Hey, like I said earlier this can mean better opportunities.

3rd Step: Start Looking, Start networking

Do you want to make your job search more successful? Then you absolutely need to network. Talk to friends, other companies’ bosses you know, and anybody you have ever met that might have a job available for you. Whatever happened to your old co workers, where are they now? Can you get hooked up at their place of work? Or to take it even further, how about friends from the job before the last job? Start calling those who might have an opportunity for you. Don't be shy, you have value and I'm sure you've been good to others, so yes, you deserve it.

4th Step: Start applying and get better skills

You got some new job leads right? Maybe from old friends or coworkers? Maybe from cold calling and searching through classifieds. You already know this but...start applying now. See what hits. Yes, you might not get the first "yes, you're hired" from the first employer but keep it moving.

After you get a sense of what these employers NEED, become that person of need. How? Immediately start taking classes and let them know this. Adding more to your résumé. This is just a formula for success, right?

Next thing you know, by taking action on these 4 steps, you'll have recovered from your lay off and landed yourself a much better job than before.

If that doesn't work, you can always move back to your mom's :)