Give Me 5 Minutes-And You'll Negotiate Your Gym Membership Fees to a Rock Bottom Price

Let's face it, gym membership fees are rip offs in general.

The truth is even with the costs, we still prefer the gym because of the equipment they have. The treadmill is preferred than running outside in the cold, right?

What do you do then if you want to keep your gym membership but not pay such a huge amount?

Answer: negotiate

Here are 3 proven tips to negotiate your gym membership fees to a rock bottom price- or close to it:

#1 Tip: Ask for more at the end

This works when you're about ready to sign up and wanting a little more than just the "regular membership." Some gyms have "premium memberships" where you might have access to classes and access to other branches. Right before signing the dotted line, ask if you can get these free upgrades even if it's just for the first couple of months.

#2 Tip: Threaten to cancel

If your current price is too steep, seriously "threaten" to go somewhere else. For example:

You: I'd like to cancel my membership.

Gym guy: May I ask why?

You: Yes, blah blah gym is only asking for $29.95. Can you guys do better?

Gym guy: No

You: Okay, well then if not I'd like to cancel then.

Walk away from this point, they're not going to budge. Sometimes they might give a few perks, try to get 'em! You should find a better deal somewhere else, if they don't offer anything.

#3 Tip: Ask for free trials

Similar to the first one but it works in the beginning of your signing. Say you are indecisive and would like to give your gym a "test run." Ask if you can do a 15 day, or even a 7 day trial. That'll save some money upfront and you'll end up being happier when you're at a gym you actually like going to.