Get Married With No Debt: 9 Must Know Tips to Reduce Costs

One of the major stresses that affects marriage is money. In fact, it is often what prevents couples from wanting to get married or be married, and even worse is why couples divorce.

However, it is possible to be wed and even have a wonderful honeymoon without getting into debt for paying all the costs. The following are 9 tips on how to reduce costs and to prepare for married life, with no debt:

1. Get married at your local church. I'm sure you'd get a discount on ceremony and reception space if you plan your wedding and reception at a church compared to other places. Sometimes if you are involved in the church organization you may even get free space for your special day.

2. Hold the ceremony in a public park. The permit for this will cost next to nothing. Occasionally, others have found outdoor spots where you can set up your wedding for free.

3. Shop for bargains at dollar stores and other discount stores. These are great places to find table and hall decorations. Items such as strands of white flowers, centerpieces, and candles have been available at these places for very cheap.

4. Shop for Wedding Attire at Factory Outlets or Closeout Stores. There are bargain steals for last-year's wedding gowns and tuxes available in these stores. You can often rent or purchase these items for hundreds of dollars less than the retail cost.

5. Plan unique but affordable getaways. You can find many places to celebrate your honeymoon without going across country or to a different state. But if you'd still like to travel, consider using coupons or getting a travel deal ahead of time to reduce costs.

6. Create a large registry-or tactfully request cash. Department stores such as Macy's do this, and it really helps the couples with finances. It avoids paying for everything, which means no charging on credit cards. If you are both just starting out together you may need many household items and if so, place every item that you can think of on your registry.

7. Plan fundraising games. One popular wedding reception game that is popular is "Pay a dollar to dance with the groom (or bride)." Another idea would be to sell raffle tickets for door prizes at wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

8. Find Volunteer Cooks. Everyone has awesome cooks in their family, or within your group of friends. This reduces costs on hiring a professional caterer.

9. Ask help from as many people as possible. If you know you'll be able to find help for marriage and wedding preparation, ask as many people as possible. It will further cut down on wedding planning expenses. For example, perhaps someone in your family or among your circle of friends may know how to take professional pictures.

Following the above tips should help you have a very rewarding wedding and marriage without getting into debt from all the normal costs. More importantly, you are able to start your life together off right, debt free and making wise financial choices. As a matter of fact, if you are able to enter marriage without a huge debt burden it will increase your chance of a successful marriage.