For Women: How to Dress Appropriately for the Job Interview

Of course you've heard that people prefer to work with people who are attractive BUT there is a line.

You have to be attractive AND professional.

Younger women may sometimes overly dress to impress the boss but often times it is construed as being for the lack of the better word "whore-ish."

Dirty word, right? I know, I just wanted to get your attention.

Because proper dress and interview attire is one of the first and most crucial things that you have pay attention to when you are called for an interview. Whether you are trying to get a position as manager or as an entry-level worker, the person hiring you will judge you by the clothes you are wearing. Unfortunately, people in general judge a "book by its cover." Why? It's easier and faster.

Now, as you begin to realize how proper attire is important, how does a woman go about doing just that?

For a woman the "dress to impress" factor is way more complex than for a man. Men's clothing are similar and very simple UNLIKE women's.

To give you a good idea about what women should wear when going for a job interview, here a short list:

blazers, closed-toed shoes, dress pants, dress shirts, dress coats, women’s suits, skirts, hosiery and turtlenecks.

Most clothing should be in solid colors and patterns. It is advisable to wear such colors as black, blue, navy, gray, brown and white/beige for shirts and tops. Colors and patterns need to be subtle and should not give the interviewer the wrong impression about you. Leave that bright red dress for parties.

This brings me to the next point: "sexy clothing?"

What about them?

Don't wear them.

So that means no deep cut shirts that are exposing too much of the chest area. Going along with this point is the skirt lengths. Keep your skirt lengths long enough to reach the knees or surpass them. When getting ready for your interview, besides the apparel you are wearing, the way you look is just as important, such as hair. Make sure your hair is neat tying it back is recommended. When putting on make-up, tread lightly. Do not use provocative colors. Make-up like clothing needs to be subtle and needs to emphasize your business attire.

Biggest tip you should take:

Whenever you are going for an important interview it is recommended to have a close friend (you know, the one who always tells you the truth, no BS) to check out your attire. Often times you might be wearing something that is not appropriate or does not look right and you might have not even realized it.