For Overwhelmed Internet Marketers: Avoid Information Overload

We get bombarded with information every day.

So, how do you go about consuming information in a way where you don't feel like your heads going to explode?

There’s an old expression, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: One bite at a time.

Internet marketers can have this "information overload" problem from time to time. Information overload is when you simply have too much to learn – so much that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and more confused than before you had seeked help.

For example, you can learn about article marketing, social marketing, video marketing, pay per click campaigns, etc.

You’re new, you may not know much about any of the above, and suddenly you’re in an environment where everyone’s opinions differ and you don’t know where to start!

The first thing to do is: breathe.

Don’t invest in a guide about Google AdWords, another about Facebook, and one about SEO all at the same time.

Internet marketing is your elephant and you have to choose whether you want to eat (as in learn) the ear, the foot, or the tail section first.

The point is that you’re educating yourself and putting that knowledge to work for you, right away.

Yes, right away.

So go learn about one thing at a time. Then immediately apply that knowledge. As long as you are making progress and making money, you’re on the road to success!

Oh, and don't worry some things won’t make sense, scratch that. A LOT of things won't make sense at first just start with something you can do.

There is no clock or time to beat. Have fun eating the elephant called internet marketing.