For Burnt Out Entrepreneurs: 13 Things to Delegate

As an entrepreneur, you'll realize time is something you'll run out of-- unless you delegate. I learned the hard way as a consultant that I couldn't do everything myself. It seemed like the more successful I became, the more I was stressed. Have you experienced this? I felt burnt out. Phone calls here. Deadlines. Appointments here and there. Lunch on the go. It was hectic. After all this madness, I realized I needed help. I needed to delegate.

I want to share with you 13 things you can delegate to make your life easier.

1. Secretarial services. Don't do this yourself. This includes answering phones to managing your correspondence. Hire a secretary or a similar service to deal with these every day, but very time-consuming tasks.

2. Research. Do you need to find market data? Need to figure out specifics on an item you're thinking of buying, such as equipment? Don't spend time doing it yourself. There are online researchers, virtual assistants, and even college students who could help for very cheap. Whew... no more browsing everywhere. Just get straight to the point.

3. Word processing. This is a wonderful task to delegate BUT if you're smart you can use a software to do this. I personally use a software called Dragon. It converts my voice speech to text. It makes it easier to record your thoughts. Of course if you don't like a headset stuck to your head, you can just hire a person to type whatever you need to type or edit.

4. PowerPoint presentations. B-O-R-I-N-G! Why be a PowerPoint guru? As an alternative, delegate the preparation of your presentations. Get someone skilled to this, because it is far easier to critique the finished PowerPoint than to try to create it from scratch.

5. Data processing/database management. Managing a contact database can be a time-consuming process especially if you got a big list of customers. Instead of mind numbingly... and I do mean numb... adding, modifying, and deleting information yourself, invest your time adding new customers to your business--- 'cus this is what makes you money.

6. Desktop publishing. Publishing a newsletter? Sounds simple, however it involves more time than you might think. A publication requires writing content. You could do this yourself but its best to have a ghostwriter and you can just add stuff afterwards. Life is getting easier now isn't it?

7. Web design and maintenance. If an online presence is a critical part of your business, and it should be, you realize it is more complex than just putting up a blog. Do your research and find something that can help you market your business on the internet easier-- without too much work.

8. Bookkeeping. Accounting is probably the least favorite part of an entrepreneur. Well, actually, counting the money you made sounds fun... it's paying the bills that blows. You do need a professional because dealing with taxes can be a whole new world. At a minimum, keep your records organized so that they can easily be handled by your accountant.

9. Purchasing services. Are you running around the store buying office supplies? If so, get a person to do your purchases. Find someone experienced in purchasing and negotiations it will help. They'll help you find what you need much faster and cheaper.

10. Writing & editing services. This is not your regular part time job college writer. You need a professional COPYWRITER. Someone who knows how to write words the help you SELL. Whether it's in an article, a brochure, or on your website, it generates leads for your business. Entrepreneurs should already be good at selling but delegating this task will save you the headache and future burn out-- not only that, it makes more money too!

11. Marketing services. You should be an integral part in your business but having outside help with marketing can boost your business even more. Marketing services include: public relations, mobile marketing, internet marketing, branding, social media, speaking... oh there's too much to list. Just get as much help and delegate too all needed marketing services.

12 Personnel services. If you have employees, that means doing payroll and other stuff probably not to your liking. The paperwork, alone, is overwhelming. This includes the rules and regulations related to tax and legal compliance. Don’t try to doing these tasks yourself. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration.

13. Personal errands. Entrepreneur have lives too so it's only right to hire someone to do your personal errands. Having someone to do personal errands like opening your mail, dry cleaning, taking your car to the wash, make dinner reservations with your spouse, makes your life as an entrepreneur that much sweeter. No more burnt out. Now, go delegate!