Employees: Do You Make These 6 Mistakes That Can Get You Fired

"You're fired!"

That's what you're going to hear if you make any of these mistakes.

When you are working in an office there are certain unspoken rules that you'll want to follow.

#1 Mistake: Work Romance

One of the biggest mistakes that one can make when they are working in an office is having romantic relationships with co-workers or even worse their boss.

"How can you get fired if you're romantically involved with your boss (the one who decides that)?"

Good question. You still can. Your boss's boss might not like that, resulting of both of you fired.

Whether you get involved with a coworker or the boss it can cause major problems in the workplace. Although office romances are common, they generally bring about drama.

Ever hear the saying "don't shit where you eat"... well don't

#2 Mistake: Lies, Lies, Lies

Being dishonest is a big no no that can land you in the unemployment office. I'm sure you already know this but this means NOT stealing from your job (yes, even if it's just office supplies), lying about reports being done, and trying to create conflict by lying to one co-worker about another are mistakes that employees must not make. All of these things can make you the bosses’ number one target for most likely to get fired.

#3 Mistake: Unpresentable

You might not be a fashionista but not following the dress code is another easy way to get noticed--- negatively. The reason why this is such a big deal is because it says to everybody that you do not care about your position enough to wear the decent clothing. Now it's understandable if you have a job where proper attire is not needed but I'm assuming most workplaces do require some type of dress code. Follow it.

#4 Mistake: Being Mr. Clown

Saying incredibly inappropriate things is also a big fat no no. Jokes and comments about the way that people look or behave is border line of harassment. As a matter of fact, just about anything can be proven to be harassment by a good lawyer. That is why it is best to keep jokes and opinions about others to you and you only.

#5 Mistake: Bad Attitude

Who wants to be around the Downer?

You know the guy (or girl) who mopes around complaining about everything.

The biggest mistake employees make on the job is having a bad attitude. People that are very negative bring down a crowd, not just themselves. That entails that when the time comes to make cuts, the bad attitude person is the likely candidate. The pressure from everybody else will make it so. So turn that frown upside down (even if you have to fake it) and be thankful that you have a job and keep a positive frame of mind.

#6 Mistake: Tardy

Being tardy also known as late is perhaps one of the most common mistake employees make. It is also a big factor when managers are ready to evaluate employee performance. Being tardy on a regular basis is not acceptable. You will get fired-- eventually. There's no reason to be constantly late for work. If you are getting stuck in traffic, leave earlier or take a different route.

Mistakes are inevitable but some are just downright unforgivable. You might not get second chances so keep in mind not to make any of these mistakes.