Do You Recognize the Ultimate Sales Mistake That Can Lose You Sales?

This is the problem with many salespeople. They try so hard to sell the benefits and features of their product/service based on what they think is important. When really they should figure out what the customer wants and/or needs and fulfill that through the product/service.

A couple months back when I was shopping for a new car, I was at the dealership talking to a salesman. He was this nicely dressed young Asian male who had a bright smile on his face yet with a look of nervousness. He fidgeted as he avoids direct eye contact, appearing to be an insecure person.

He approaches me and asks "Hello, how can I help you?"

I reply, "looking for a car"

He immediately responds, "well, we have these new cars that are beautiful, affordable, looks good ....(and have this and that... blah blah), do you want me to show you?"

At this point I already know he absolutely sucks at selling. The problem with this approach to begin with is he didn't care about ME. He didn't care about what I WANTED or NEEDED. The salesman came off as someone trying to push these certain cars and didn't bother to even listen to me. He sounded like he just wanted my money.

A better scenario would have been like this:

salesman: hello, how are you today, how can I help you?

customer: well, I am looking for a car.

salesman: of course you are... or else you wouldn't be here! (smiles) However, what specific car are you looking for?

customer: well, I want a lot of things in a car, you know.

salesman: of course... what things did you want?

customer: I want something that saves gas. I mean I drive a lot however I want it to look cool, so I can impress the ladies (winks) and of course that won't put a dent in my pocket...

Now, let's stop...

If you want to be a good salesman... LISTEN! The customer is already selling himself on what he wants or needs. All you have to do is know your product/service enough to show him you got the goods he is after. The customer is pretty much handing you his money, be smart and listen to what he says

okay let's continue...

After the customer continues to voice his wants/needs, salesman gathers information and makes mental notes on figuring on what's best for the customer

salesman: I see... let me get this straight, you are looking for (repeating all of the stuff he mentions): saves gas, affordable, looks good [ to impress the ladies :) ], black color....

customer: Yes.... what do you have?

salesman: Here is what we have that you might like based on what you want (shows him the cars)

2 hours later, a sale is made. Salesman makes his money. Customer gets that car he wants. Everyone is happy.

By not grasping this concept, you will lose sales. A lot of it. Do not make this sales mistake.

Remember this lesson: Fulfill their wants and needs and show him/her that your product/service DOES EXACTLY THAT.