Do You Recognize These Body Language Hints While Negotiating?

Can you imagine getting clear hints on what the other person is thinking during a negotiation?

You can.

Body language plays an important role in negotiations, so much that they are the hints to the answer you may be looking for.

I gathered up the most common body language hints you need to look for and most importantly what they mean.

Discover the "hidden language" of body language during the negotiation process.

Little to no eye contact- if the person is not giving you any eye contact, it can mean one of or a few of the following:






Depending on the context of the situation, you must decide whether it's a one of those or a few of those.

Glaring eye contact- this means where they don't stop looking at you, and it can mean any of the following:

intimidation (common)

listening very attentively to read you


Again, depending on the context of the situation, you have to figure out what it can mean

Fidgety- there is no multiple meanings for this and it usually means something is off. something is wrong and it is making the other person nervous. Find out what's wrong.

Crossed arms- this is a common one and it usually means they're close off, hence the crossed arms.

They are not listening and rapport is broken

Smiling too much- picture a used car salesman, smiles, smiles, smiles and it is all too fake fake fake. Unless you're meeting an old friend, smiling too much during a business negotiation means they are trying too hard to please you. Red flags should go up, you got a charmer on your hands.

Talking too fast- just like a used car salesman, a person who talks fast is trying to hide something and hurry you to get to do something. Beware of this. Make sure you get every word they're saying.

Too much touching- if the person is touching you more than you're touching them, it means they're trying to dominate you. They are subtly letting you know who's control. What do you do? Touch 'em back.