Do You Make These 5 Mistakes As an Entrepreneur?

# 1 Not careful about money.

* Not tracking income properly

* Not figuring out the best tax reductions and strategies

* Not looking what the expenses are

* Not looking for bargains

* Not investing money back into the business

* Not saving enough

# 2- Not competitive

* Not looking what the competition is doing

* Not innovating and improving

* Not growing and expanding your customer base

* Not looking into the future

* Not creating or adding additional products or services

* Not updating services or products

* Not studying about new ideas

#3 Not taking risks

* Not taking the necessary steps

* Always procrastinating

* Always afraid of change

* Always keeping the status quo

* Not flexible

* Not researching about trends

#4 Not making connections

* Not making new business connections

* Not making enough connections

* Not networking

* Not attending seminars and meetups

* Not open to new concepts

#5 Not learning more

* Not reading enough books

* Not going to classes

* Not improving self

* Not educating employees and partners to better themselves

* Not watching videos, audios