Do You Have the 7 Qualities of A Sales Superstar?

Usually I have something clever to say but I wanna get straight to the point.

You wanna be better at sales?

No, scratch that. Do you want to be a SALES SUPERSTAR?

Then you gotta have these 7 qualities.

Quality # 1: Neatness and Presentability

If you dress like a bum, wearing sweats all day and your face looks like a chia pet from all the days you haven't shaved then chances are you will look like crap.

If you look like crap, you won't be presentable and will probably not be successful at selling.

For a salesperson, image is everything. It is true that before you get to sell anything, you always have to sell yourself first. And that means you should be likeable. No one will talk to you about the product if your breath stinks.

Am I being forward with this?


Does this mean you have to buy and wear expensive suits all the time?

Of course not. But good grooming will make you stand out even if your clothes are old. Just make sure they are well kept and you should be fine.

Quality # 2: Professional but personable

Sometimes I get too personable with people but many love it. You have to have boundaries.

Professionalism is how you do things right. For starters, everything should be legal. Keep your word and have every promise in written form. That's showing your professional.

Can you make jokes?

Yes, at the right time.

As a rule of thumb, treat your customer or client the way they want to be. Sometimes you have to guess based on their personality. Some like to be very serious, others like to joke around. Just know where the line is.

Professionalism is about helping the person get the results they paid for and with that you can add some friendly interaction by injecting humor or personal things to help build the experience in working together.

Quality #3: Good Listening Skills

There's a reason why we're born with two ears and one mouth.

You have to listen more than you speak.

It's also why we have two eyes.

We need to observe and pay attention better.

Nothing turns off a customer more than a babbling salesperson pitching about a product the customer can care less about.

To be a good salesperson, you have to develop your ability to listen. Tune into their language. Their body language, their emotions. Let your customer talk. After all, they came to you because they want something.

Yes, details are important.

The catch is to get the details you have to be carefully listening.

Quality # 4: Energy

Energy! Energy! Energy!

Well, maybe not that much. Just enough to show that you really are excited about your service or product.

Energetic enthusiasm is infectious. If you’re excited about your product and the benefits it can give, your customers would soon be curious and follow suit. Good salespeople are jolly and passionate about their craft.

Quality #5: Knowledge

This does not mean that you have to know everything needed to know about the service your providing.

But pretty dang close to it. :)

You might be selling a service or product that provides car parts. Get smart about the subject of cars itself. Gain the knowledge normal people might not know and that alone can give you that edge. You'll appear like an expert and you'll gain your customers respects and of course sales.

Come prepared with a smart answer all the time.

Always be learning on the next thing to know. Become that go to person with the information that builds credibility. Because with credibility you get higher sales.

Quality #6: Integrity

Integrity means honesty and doing the "right thing."

This can mean many things.

*It can mean don't make empty promises.

*Do not outright lie about facts.

*Don't sell something to someone when you clearly know that it wont be of service to them.

*Don't cheat people with extra fees.

Become a rare commodity. Be a sales superstar. Have integrity. They sell more and are in business longer.

Quality #7: Self motivated

If there had to be an important quality of a sales superstar, this is it.

No one can succeed in sales without motivation. Especially self motivation.

Yes, you will have hard times. You might have bad months where you don't sell as much or very little. You're going to see up and downs.

New competition. Better products. Better services. Changes in markets.

All this can effect your sales. Get used to it.

Being able to stay motivated during fearful times will create within you a strong minded sales superstar.

Are you ready for it?